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I'm always hesitant when I see online programmes and especially ones with the word "transformation", but I can hand on heart say that I've achieved an incredible transformation through Ben's programme. I've lost just over 2 stone in 12 weeks, down from a 36 waist to a 32, down from XL T-Shirts to large and there's not just a noticeable physical difference but also a big impact on my confidence. Not only that but I'm now enjoying a transformation of my lifestyle where I enjoy keeping fit and active and eating a lot better. I still enjoy a treat but I earn it by eating better in the week, and I've found time to walk more and exercise more. This programme and Ben's fantastic support have been brilliant, so much so I'm going to continue the programme to lose a bit more weight and then work on building muscle. If anyone is looking to lose weight or get fit I couldn't recommend Ben enough.

Daniel - coaching client

Ben has been the best coach I could have asked for, during my time with him I lost a total of 5 stone! I will forever recommend him to family and friends for his work. He has such a positive attitude with all of his clients and guarantees results, while understanding that life can ‘get in the way’ but teaches you how to incorporate that into your gym lifestyle. The gym and exercise became a part of my life instead of a chore as I saw it before. His style of training is not army-like, which many would not react well to. I went to every session excited for the PBs I would hit and then when the time was right I transferred to online coaching as he had given me enough confidence to do this on my own with a plan to follow. If you are thinking of starting training with anyone I would always recommend Ben. He is not only my PT but a great friend!

Becca - coaching client

Training with you has been life-changing! Over the years, I've achieved various goals, from weight loss to increased endurance and confidence. However, the most significant impact has been the remarkable improvement in my strength, which I've consistently maintained. Your coaching has been essential in understanding the importance of weight training for overall fitness. I can't imagine my life without your guidance, and fitting in PT sessions is a top priority for me. The supportive environment and accountability have made all the difference. Thank you!

Sara - coaching client

Ben’s programme has helped me massively. It has improved my overall mood and I definitely have a better relationship with food, my body and also with myself. As I notice even the subtle changes in my body or the increase in weights/reps I feel proud of myself. It is so encouraging to see consistent forward progress. I don't feel super confident in my body yet but my body image is much better than before and I feel like I'm starting to look fitter and stronger. I really enjoy the workouts themselves and not just the feeling afterwards. It feels like a space for me to go and have time for myself and it boosts my mood instantly.

Ella - coaching client

I have loved these last 12 weeks! I originally wanted to start coaching because I was exercising so much and not really making progress. However, I’ve gained so much more than I expected! I’ve never really liked the gym, however with the routine you’ve created, I’ve come to love going to the gym! I’m so much more confident and I’m loving the progress I’ve been making. My biggest wins are losing 7lbs, losing weight wasn’t one of my goals so that was a nice surprise! Constantly making progress in the weights I am using, I didn’t think I would be able to hold some of those weights in two hands let alone one! Holding a plank for over a minute, I never thought I would be able to do that!

Lisa - coaching client

When I first started Ben's 12-week plan I was 13 stone 3 pounds, now at the end, I've managed to drop to 12 stone 4 pounds. I have lost a total of 13 pounds, lost 3 inches off my waist and reduced my body fat. I have managed to lose the weight in places I've always wanted to. My lifestyle has changed for the better as I'm eating healthier, I also exercise a lot more and have enjoyed training more now than I have done before. I am going to continue training and feel like I can achieve things I didn't think were possible in the job I'm doing. I would recommend Ben and this plan to anyone.

Jamie - coaching client

Personal training has been life-changing! I've gained incredible strength and confidence in the gym. I used to dread the free weight area, but now I feel comfortable and can lift much heavier weights than I ever imagined. I'm consistently achieving personal bests and my confidence is soaring not just in the gym but also in my personal life. Exercising has become something I look forward to, and I love pushing myself to new limits. Weight training has transformed from a chore to something I genuinely enjoy. It's made me a happier person, and I feel amazing in my own skin. Thank you!!

Emily - coaching client

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