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When I first started Ben's 12-week plan I was 13 stone 3 pounds, now at the end, I've managed to drop to 12 stone 4 pounds. I have lost a total of 13 pounds, lost 3 inches off my waist and reduced my body fat. I have managed to lose the weight in places I've always wanted to. My lifestyle has changed for the better as I'm eating healthier, I also exercise a lot more and have enjoyed training more now than I have done before. I am going to continue training and feel like I can achieve things I didn't think were possible in the job I'm doing. I would recommend Ben and this plan to anyone.


Jamie-personal training client

I would recommend this plan and Ben as a personal trainer to anybody. I wanted to lose weight and didn't realise how much it would help me. During the 12 weeks, I have lost 2 Stone, 4 Inches off my chest and 4 inches off my waist. If anybody told me that I would lose that at the beginning of the plan I would have laughed at them and told them not to be stupid. I've enjoyed it so much and seen great results I have improved on so many aspects from doing this plan. My diet has got so much better, I am watching what I am eating more than I have ever done before. My strength has improved phenomenally when we began I struggled using the simplest of weights and now I'm exceeding my own expectations and pushing myself more and more each week. I Struggled with the confidence of going to the gym on my own before, not knowing how to use the machines correctly so I would shy away and just use the cardio machines. Now I'm averaging 5-6 times a week and feel confident on using the majority of all machines.


Josh-personal training client

  • A year and a half ago I set out to reach a goal. I wanted to lose weight and get fit for two reasons, I was getting married and I was becoming a grandmother! You need to be super fit to help look after a little one! I managed to achieve my goal with the help of Ben, I lost a stone and a half and toned up. Ben motivated me and encouraged me to hit my goals and was supportive throughout with dietary advice. I am now addicted to my weekly PT sessions with Ben. With great support you can achieve your goals, thank you, Ben!


Janet-personal training client



  • Ben creates imaginative routines, that differ from week to week, which ensures everyone who attends comes out feeling invigorated. No matter what your current ability, each exercise is designed so that you will be able to find your own level. With the encouragement from Ben and the group, you'll find yourself doing more each week. I can highly recommend Ben's Saturday morning classes.


Pete-Bootcamp client



  • It has always been difficult for me to stay interested in gym sessions, historically over the years, I have never maintained a training routine for more than a few months, however after having several months training with Ben still going strong. He keeps it fresh and interesting and my results have been good. 


Paul-personal training client



  • Bootcamp is a great start to the week, working hard & getting results without the misery as it is so much fun. Ben's approach is calm yet motivational and plans the classes well so each week is interesting and varied. A very welcoming class that would suit people of all levels of fitness.


Allison-Bootcamp client



  • Excellent trainer! I have learned amazing new techniques and he has helped me to improve my muscle gain! I recommend Ben to anyone for that extra motivation during your workouts.


Dom-personal training client

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